Yemi Alade Review and Bio


Yemi Alade has really good music. She has a very thick accent so it was kind of a challenge to understand what she was saying but after a couple times of listening to her it became easier. She for sure is a great artist. I love her fashion which is just a plus to her music. Her music is something I could say I would listen to because she appeals to my taste in music. The way she dances is fun and I could say a little out there but she does not go so far that you would think that she was promiscuous. She does push lines that I did not see other African woman artist push. And that is why I like her because she seems as if she is not afraid of being criticized by what she does.  My by far favorite one by her is “Johnny” because of the upbeat sound she has and I love the way she is dancing in the video. She makes me what to get up and dance with her. She in my opinion shows women not to be afraid and have fun. Her style of dress is somewhat different from what I am used to seeing African woman artist wear. She wears more reviling clothes and she also wears odd things like crazy stripes or very loud colors. I just love how in her music when I hear it just seems as if she is so carefree in what she does. The best thing about her music are the beats. The drumming and reggae feel she gives off makes it easy for me to want to continue to listen to her.


Yemi Eberechi Alade was born March 13th, 1989 now popularly known by her stage name Yemi Alade. She was born in Nigeria. After her winning the maiden edition of the Peak Talent Show in 2009 she became more popular. Yemi Alade is best known for her hit single “Johnny” She comes from a very big family. Yemi Alade is the fifth child of seven. She was commonly referred to as the Yoruba-Igbo girl because her father was Yoruba and her mother was Igbo. Yemi Began to get more attention after winning the Peak talent Show and that is where her career got its full start. In 2012 she signed with deal with Effyzzie Music Group and that’s when she started to work with more known people in the industry. People such as D’tunes,  DJ Klem, Sizzle Pro and the list goes on. As for education Yemi Alade attended  St Saviour British Primary Schooland soon after she attended Victory Grammar School, Lagos where she earned a B.A. in Geography.

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