African Women and Hip Hop

One positive trend is the groups of female emcees in various countries in Africa coming together to release collaborations or cyphers. It gives female emcees the spotlight and a chance to display their skills. It also promotes unity instead of beefs between femcees. Some of these emcees are underground. Some of these emcees perform pop tracks, but have shown off their hip hop lyricism in these collaborations. Some of the more notable collaborations include:

Abena Rockstar from Ghana
Abena Rockstar from Ghana

Ghana has two cyphers. The first, “Girls Dorm Cypher”, features Eyirap, Dein, Yayra & Lila

The second, “Gh Female Rappers Cypher”, features Eno, Esbee, Abena Rockstar, Porsche, EyiRap, Xcot, Mila, and Scrach

These women vary in style and ability, but they show that there are female emcees in Ghana, and that they have something to say. It will be nice to see these women grow as artists. Some of them are doing more pop music, but it would be really dope if Ghana produced a female emcees for the international hip hop scene. Someone who can stand next to Sarkodie, M3nsa, Blitz the Ambassador, Wanlov and other male emcees that represent Ghana.

Blaise from Nigeria
Blaise from Nigeria

Nigeria: “I No Send You”, which features Sasha, Muna, Eva, Mo Cheddah, Blaise, and Zee

Some of these artists are already well known, others are newer. Like everything on the Naija music scene, many of these women often release flashy, sexy, pop tracks full time. It was therefore refreshing to see them break from that and produce something more hard hitting, and more hip hop.

Southern African femcees released “No Sleep”, which features Gigi LaMayne (South Africa), Sasa Klaas (Botswana), Devour Ke Lenyora (South Africa), Ru the Rapper (Namibia) & DJ Naida (Zimbabwe)

Devour Ke Lenyora from South Africa
Devour Ke Lenyora from South Africa

Southern Africa has one of the most diverse scenes as far as female emcees in Africa. This track brings together very diverse styles. Most of these femcees are young and are artists that mix styles and looks. They come together on this well produced track (DJ Naida) and flex their lyrical skills. Some of these femcees have become some of my favorite rappers and I hope to hear a lot more from them in the coming years.

In Senegal femcees have formed a female hip hop collective called GOTAL. The song “UNITY” used the beats from the famous Queen Latifah song to celebrate Senegalese femcees. The song features GOTAL members Toussa, Anta, Lady Zee and Venus

GOTAL members from Senegal
GOTAL members from Senegal

Senegal has had a reputation for having the biggest hip hop scene in Africa, and the most conscious hip hop scene. But for years women’s voices were few. With the exception of a few, like Sister Fa and ALIF, hip hop in Senegal was mostly a man’s game. Today female emcees have come together to form GOTAL, an all female hip hop collective. They honor Senegal’s conscious hip hop roots, and bring more women’s voices to Senegal’s hip hop scene.

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