30 days of Tanzanian hip hop: Day 22 Sugu

30 days of Tanzanian hip hop: Day 22 – Sugu. In 2010. The pic was taken during the 2010 elections and Sugu (aka 2Proud, Mr. II) ran for and won a seat in Parliament Another one of TZ’s hip hop pioneers. Sugu has spent 2 decades in hip hop. He had a long career in hip hop before he turned to politics, releasing several albums along the way. He is famous for going up against Clouds FM, and challenging their domination of music and promotion of Bongo Flava in Tanzania. He once told me that pop music hijacked the term Bongo Flava. He remains a very controversial figure in TZ hip hop and politics.


*30 days of TZ hip hop is to show some of what I experienced the past year in Tanzania.

Author: Msia Kibona Clark

Associate Professor in the African Studies Department at Howard University. Professor of the course Hip Hop and Social Change in Africa. Researcher and photographer of hip hop in Africa.

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