Krukid Ruyonga sits down for an interview with GuerrillaCross

Krukid, also most recently known as Ruyonga, sat down with NTV for an inside scoop on what goes on inside the mind of Edwin Ruyonga. He was firstly asked “who are you?” and without hesitation he said “I am an artist, I have ups and downs, I have flaws, I have talents, and I am ugandan and African and glad of it”. There is not much difference in they way he represents himself in this video interview in contrast to the way he presents himself onstage or in the studio. Representing Africa is something that stands out predominantly in his music from albums raisin in the sun all the way to his most current works Things Change, where he goes through a rebranding of his image by switching back from Krukid to Ruyonga, his official last name.

He blames a lot of his success on moving from Uganda to America in search of an education in graphic design which in Uganda, resources were limited to what he could learn and also produce as a graphic artist. Although he is not known for his visual work, he owns and manages his own clothing line which is a mixture of both cultural interest and how he said it best “personalizing” the way he wants his audience to be captured by his graphic work. Myspace he claims was also a big break because most of his hits and followers came from paying attention to his posts and uploads of music that gained him is foundational fan base.

In this 2012 interview he explains why he has chosen to travel back to Uganda after almost a decade of being away in the states for reasons such as “home cooking and having a certain gut feeling that home is home, family and all of his people are in the right place, you cannot rep UG without being there”. Stipulating about the change between Krukid and Ruyonga he explains that he “was two people in the beginning, talented and undisciplined, if I’m going to catch any flak I’m going to catch it for being me.. if I am going to be, I’m going to be Ruyonga, good or bad, i can take responsibility as a man and it is easier to do it as two people, my maturity bumped into my faith.”

His story of him losing his faith and regaining it through experience is nothing less of inspiring and has made a fan of many that have taken a chance, a chance to reconcile with ones past and upbringings to challenge everyday the limits of which you can perservere. Ruyonga takes “accountability” for his actions and the way he represents himself, not hiding behind doors or fake names and avatars, but for the love of what makes him the true Ruyonga.

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