M.anifest: ‘The spotlight is shining brightly on African music’

This interview with M.anifest was very important although it was short. Reading his responses as well as his insight about why he joined African Express was very interesting. African Express is a music festival where various African artist come together annually to put on a concert and celebrate their music as well as their art. Corinne Jones asked M.anifest how he got involved with African Express and he explained to her that his first involvement with the Festival was in 2010 during the Puma Cup showcase that they held in Paris. He was introduced to this festival by a UK producer name Richy Pitch. He also went on to explain that this year it would be a mystery about what he’s doing, because it’s all about collaborations that will be created on stage.

What persuaded him to take part in this tradition was the idea that organized creative chaos that would be thrilling for both those on stage and the audiences. He also felt that Africa Express broke the rules and boundaries that people think of in music. Although African Express highlights African music he explained that “it’s also about the collaborations between African musicians and other musicians that makes it special.” M.anifest also admitted that it has made a big impact creatively for him because he is able to see many brilliant people at work.

M.anifest also stated that he felt like African music is the future of music, because “the spotlight is shining brightly on African music, partly because of these creative collaborations. People are seeing that African music is not static, but has all these different relations to traditional music and western pop music. People are using the term “Afropolitan” – I have no idea what it means, but it probably expresses how people are having a closer relationship with African music because of all these worldly connections.” Just seeing this response and how excited M.anifest is about the growth and direction of African music is an inspiration, because it shows that our history is not loss. Music has also served as a prime factor of connecting African Americans, Caribbean’s, as well as other black people all over the world who originally derived from Africa. This shows that unity is still important and our roots run deep.

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