M.anifest – Asa featuring Efya [Official Video] Review

The latest Music Video “Asa” featuring Efya was an amazing video. It had the same characteristics and creativity that you see in all of M.anifest music videos. The word “Asa” means “to dance” or “dance: in Twi, which is his native language. Of course the setting of the video is in Ghana and it’s edited to show the beauty of the green pastures and mountains in the country. I think he chooses have his videos set in his native country most of the time to show just how beautiful the content of Africa is as a whole. What stuck out the most in the video is the African theme collectively. It starts out with a black man playing the trumpet, which gives the music a royal feel all together. He has someone playing the drums as well, and the drums where originated in Africa and they are an element of our history that has been shared worldwide.

The dancing was the most striking feature in the video. The Africa guy was doing an African dance that showed so much emotion and spirituality. Dancing is really important in our culture as well as our history, because it has always been a way that we expressed ourselves through worship and ceremony. The movements were so natural and fluent and the dancer never missed a beat and you can tell that these were not choreographed or rehearsed movements. The wardrobe and attire of everyone in the video was African clothing and cloth. All of the jewelry was also made in Africa with wooden beads. The video made you feel like you was in Ghana and it took you on a journey to another place.   

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