African by Krukid

This video is from a performance in Minneapolis. This was one of my favorite songs on Krukid’s Afr-I-Can album because of his delivery on it. Even though this wasn’t an official video, all nicely produced, hearing it live and acappella made it especially more entertaining and meaningful. I’m not a fan of his instrumentals in his records, so hearing something for just the content was really good. He is stating in this song that he is Africa; every single country. It is who he will always be and strive to represent. It is his home, and he will never forget it nor do it wrong. It is a part of him and forever will be. I like the audience’s reaction to him. You can tell that some know who he is and some don’t, but he still has and earns respect from them. Another cool thing about this video is he performs this with M.anifest because they are in a group called A.R.M (African Rebel Movement) together. It is very entertaining to see artists from similar backgrounds get together because you see the intensity of their message and effect of their success in getting their message out.

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