Wanlov the Kubolor

Wanlov the Kubolor is known for his artistic way of speaking out about humanity in his pidgen style. With two albums out and another on the way, Wanlov is known to most as a refreshing and original artist.

Wanlov was born in Romina but grew up in Ghana. Most of his music comes from his roots. Unlike most African hip-hop artist, Wanlov breaks away from the stereotype that  rapping in the American way. It’s not until his sophomore album, Brown Card-African Gypsy, that we see Wanlov grow as an artist. Wanlov feels that’s his sophomore album are his ideas and he’s performing them as Wanlov. At one point in his career, Wanlov felt as though every time he went up on stage to preform, he was rapping out his ideas but at the same time he felt as though he was acting the out. He felt he had to please Americans so they can like his music.

Wanlov as an artist wants to achieve for his audience or fans to understand the human experience and growing in between two worlds. One will always find Wanlov walking barefoot in the streets of Ghana. Wanlov is a true Kubolor, because as an artist and a person, there will always be an adventure with him.

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