Wanlov the Pidgen Artist

In an interview between Wanlov the Kubolor and malaha.co.za, Wanlov is asked questions on how he has grown as an artist from his freshman album to his sophomore album. 


In the interview, Wanlov goes deep into detail about how his style changed from his first album to his second and how he as an artist/person had evolved. Wanlov tells the interviewer that the reason he has accomplished so many things is because he has been given “luck” and taken the opportunity to seize it. He speaks about how people can have many ideas and throw them out in the air, but it is the luck that makes the person grab those ideas and make them happen. 

When asked about how his music style has changed, Wanlov response was that his first album was just a representation of thoughts thrown in with rhyme, but when performing his songs, he was a different person. His sophomore album, however, were his thoughts and he himself was performing them; he no longer felt as though he was acting. He felt once he stopped performing for what he thought Americans would apperciate, he actually found himself. Wanlov feels that many African artist are shedding and moving themselves away from “American hip-hop” because many of them are finding their own identity or going back to their roots. 

The most interesting thing that I found stood out the most was how Wanlov really feels as though he and many African artist want to break away from the “American hip hop” ideology that since they are African, their music has to be rapped with an accent. Wanlov feels that media has a lot to do with this because most of the shows people watch are American sitcoms, so it wouldyonly make sense to try and be American, but Wanlov wants to turn the other way and learn more about Africa. 



Interview: http://www.mahala.co.za/culture/pidgen-riddims/

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