Kokonsa, Wanlov

Kokonsa by Wanlov the Kubolor is a much more different video than that compared to his Human Beings (Just Like You) video in the sense that we see Wanlov walking around his neighborhood with family and friends.

The beginning of the video starts off with an analog between him and a fellow female friend inviting him to a pool party at her home. Wanlov and the people in the video had a very heavy accent so it was a little difficult to understand. At times during the conversation, I thought the speakers were switching from English to Twi. The video shows two sides of Ghana, the rich and the poor. On the poor side of Ghana, where Wanlov is from, you see many people barefoot and playing baseball with sticks and stones. Unlike the rich side of the neighborhood, most of the people are dressed in nice clothes and are drinking, just basically having a good time. Wanlov going around his neighborhood and showing all the people talking is basically him saying people like to gossip around the neighborhood and say things that aren’t true.



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