Human Beings (Just Like You)

The video Human Beings (Just Like You) by: Wanlov the Kubolor, is a simple yet artistic video in the sense that Wanlov instantly grabs the attention of his audience. The video consist of Wanlov, M3nsa on vocals, and Alex Hunter on an acoustic guitar.

The song Human Beings itself is a very powerful song, but the video makes the song even more powerful. The simplicity of the video setting makes the viewer focus solely on the lyrics of the song. The song basically speaks about how everyone is created equal and how everyone should be seen and treated the same. In the video the only instruments that are being used is a acoustic guitar, a drum, and some type of noise maker that Wanlov uses. There’s not much that goes into the video, but it makes his audience apperciate him as an artist. Wanlov definitely wanted his audience to feel the music and to understand his lyrics. At the end of the video, M3sna makes a joke with Wanlov asking, “If your brother is from Finland than what are you?” Which to Wanlov replies, ” Then we are finished”.


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