Ghana’s Hope

Speaking in a conference with, the African Gypsy Wanlov shared perceptions into his life, composition, and the music scene in Ghana. Wanlov’s annoyance with the music business in Ghana has become the same for some of the ingrained musicians his country. The Kubolor went to Adisadel College from where he went to Texas in the U.S. and worked in college for three years. Before he got into music as an occupation, he practiced basketball. Wanlov stated “When I was in the States, I played basketball more, and then I started wondering if I wanted to study computer science or business administration,” He selected music. Wanlov believes the ones who call themselves music suppliers in Ghana aren’t.  He states “They are just warehouses, because distributors do not store the music but move around to distribute to shops who sell.” Wanlov was one of the vendors that walked the streets personally handling merchandise, handing his wholesale CD’s to his customers so to the retailers who sale them through warehouses, meaning to do their business with a much higher pace. Wanlov says these influences have altered the advertising of native Ghanaian music which ultimately has changed its publicizing, promotion and transactions. He advised that Ghanaian music should be utilized to endorse Ghana through travelers and the vacation-industry. “When investors come to Ghana for business, they would also want to have emotional connection with the country, and there is no better way than Ghanaian music.” Wanlov also provided an illustration of Jamaicans and how they have cast-off reggae music to stimulate their country. “You hear Jamaica and reggae music draws in awareness,” he stated. Wanlov also expressed his disappointment with Ghanaian fashion. He says the selection of attire worn by Ghanaians doesn’t assist the material and style commerce in Ghana. “You see some Ghanaians wearing a dress that looks American but might have been produced in China. We don’t patronize Ghanaian fashion products and that is affecting the growth of Ghanaian fashion and textile industries.” In conclusion the Kubolor just wants his country to be big like Jamaica. He wants to have a progressive positive association behind the name by encouraging people and the music business.

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