Album Review: M.anifest “Manifestations”

After listening to the album “Manifestations released in 2007 by Ghana native M.anifest, I can say that I was very pleased with the album overall. I didnt know what to expect initially so after listening to the first few songs I was pretty shocked, his music is actually something I can listen to. He caught my attention with his vibrant beats and up beat melodies. I think he has very good speech and delivers his raps (verses/lyrics) with a lot of confidence and as if he needs to get his thoughts out through music. He opens up his album with his first track explaining the meaning behind his stage name “M.anifest” its like its a declaration of who he is as a person and why he chooses to call hisself M.anifest. He conveyed the meaning of his stage name well.

 He represents his country in his first track where he says “Coming live from Ghana”. In his song Swing Low the fourth track of the album he talks about if he were to ever die in America he would want his bones to be brought back to Ghana then he goes on to say how he fully represents Ghana. In his fifth track he calls hisself the “Son of Africa”.

In his second track he speaks on social and political issues where he goes on to talk about how his people are at war and they’re black and poor and neglected. He also references drugs and he uses a lot of metaphors. There were a lot of topics that the artist touched on that I couldnt relate to and at times listening t the album I was left a little bit bored. I think the intended audience of the album is for the people of Ghana because he’s talking about things that people in Ghana can mostly relate to. When he mentions African Americans he talks about the famous ones. What he has to say about African immigration is that its difficult, he says “passports, no visuals” in the track Babylon breakdown and he talks about how African races arent embraced.

I think the artist did a god job at declaring who he is as a person and as an artist even though he uses a lot of profanity.


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