FOKN Bois Preceed

Wanlov The Kubolor and Hip Hop mogul M3NSA make up FOKN Bois and with their line of work in the sort of combustible rhetoric that make the “P.C.-baiting of Das Racist or the teen-Fight Club nihilism of Odd Future”, however skillful, seem regional when comparing the two. FOKN Bois take things to a whole new level with encouragement. Method Man and Redman being copied, the FOKN bois are politically charged and they’re out to trash every cultural taboo possible, both African and Western.

The FOKN Bois have been vital to Ghana’s contemporary music revival, and are regarded as Ghana’s most creative aware rappers. As lone entertainers, they were extremely interested in Ghanaian traditional and popular music styles, with Wanlov’s cd’s representing Ghana—hardly controversial. Wanlov’s solo album Brown Card is an exploration of his half-Romanian roots with a part-Gypsy, part-Ghanaian band of traditional musicians. M3NSA dropped his solo debut in 2010, the heartfelt combination of soul, hip hop and Fante folk music that is No.1 Mango Street. Their 2010 debut as FOKN Bois was likewise a serious, ambitious effort for political change in both the west and in Ghana. The duo was to play at a venue, Le Poisson Rouge, and only one half of the group, Wanlov The Kubolor—whose 2007 visit to America stimulated his immigration solo debut album Green Card, had been deprived of a travel visa. In the end it’s not all that unexpected. Practically every move the duo makes together is projected to aggravate listeners, particularly in the West.



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