Hip Hop Has M.anifest : Article Summary #2

This is an article that was written by Samantha Greaves, a New York hip hop music examiner. It was written in February of 2009 and it can be found on the website, http://www.ghanamusic.com. The article gives a little bit of background about M.anifest and it talks about how he writes fresh music, for the heart, that is meant to inspire. The article starts by mentioning how hip hop has become a fixation to many people. Many people get into rapping with the hope of making money, but M.anifest is someone who wants to connect with people through his lyrics and convey a message. It states that they believe him to be the future of hip hop. M.anifest was born and raised in Ghana, Africa and moved to Minnesota in order to pursue a career. He brought something to the United States that is of great value, good music for the soul. He says that the origin of his name was something of a freak accident, yet it has diving meaning. The article states “the name, the man, and the music speak volumes and make for a perfect mistake.” Many people, who have lived in the United States for all of their lives, take it for granted that they can just go out to any record store and buy whatever album it is that they’ve heard of and have been looking forward to. M.anifest wasn’t so lucky when he was growing up. The only thing he had was whatever album happened to be going around the whole neighborhood. He said, “That was the beauty of it. When you really wanted music, you actually pursued it.” He had to rely on albums that were bootlegged and complied of various songs from a number of different artists. That allowed M.anifest to really develop a love for music and to write songs that people look far and wide to hear. This may just be what all of the upcoming artists of today need. Having to pursue music could allow them to have more gratitude for it. Leading artists to really focus themselves into creating music that can touch others. M.anifest emigrated from a place that holds the late rapper Tupac Shakur in high esteem for his lyrics. Because of this, M.anifest attempts to follow in his footsteps and create socially and politically conscious music. This is significantly noticeable when he raps, with lyrics such as “Why they wanna hate cause’ the sun rays kissed me.” He doesn’t follow, at all, the stereotype of a rapper that is outfitted in fancy jewels and rapping lines that were written him. Unlike other rappers who are after your money, he is after your musical heart. In September 2007 M.anifest released his debut album, Manifestations. It says that this album “cures the urges for diversity and variety in music and most importantly, contains composition that puts the mind to work.” What this means is that he provides new and fresh music that actually makes you think. Although not many artists are known to come from Minnesota, M.anifest assures that the hip hop scene is very alive there, saying that is an “independent-minded atmosphere.” They put out their albums as opposed to trying to sell them to different labels for records deals, and this is probably the best idea for all kinds of new artists in general. The article says, some things to look forward to from this artist are the release of his next album, Coming to America, as well as being part of some collaborative projects. He is trying to be strategic about how he is marketing himself and is less concerned about attempting to create an “it” factor. He will undoubtedly be an artist that will create a change in the genre. The final thing it says it that it’s only a matter of time until he takes the center stage to shine.

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