Video Review: Hip Hop and Love

The Appropriately titled album Summer Years gave birth to the track Hip Hop and Love and while it happens to be my favorite on the album, the video is a favorite as well. The video’s main focus is Tabi Bonney and fellow DC emcee Murs’ falling in love with girls and being nostalgic about relationships passed. While this is true I feel as though Tabi, rather creatively is not just talking about the love relationship between he and a women, but also the love relationship between himself and music. “Take it back to the Hip-Hop summer nights: Tribe Called Quest, MC Lyte, and put me on the mic. For the love of my heart, you can’t break this” In this line it seems as though he is telling his love interest in the song that he does love her but nothing can take away the grips of love music has around him.

The video opens with a shot of the setting which the audience is made to believe is a Washington DC skate park/hang out area for young adults. The vibe of the song is very calm and mellow with a lot of California flavor to it; the theme of this work definitely paints that visual for viewers. Women that play the part of the love interests are dressed for the summer in shorts and mid-drift tops while Tabi Bonney and Murs are dressed in snapbacks and skinny jeans. The dynamic of the title lies within the music video rather creatively; the two rappers embodying the hip-hop and the softness of the women representing the love aspect of the song.  The color scheme in the video is also something that catches the eye of viewers. The soft golden hues that dance on the skin of the models and how it blankets and highlights the concrete of the skate park and the trees adds so much to the theme of hip-hop, the underlining theme of summer time, and more importantly, the contagious feeling of love. (Hip Hop and Love Tabi Bonney Ft. Murs)

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