Motion Picture (Directed by Wally Agboola)

“It was 1982, Momma pushed me out the womb…”

Although this is not a complete video of M.anifest’s song Motion Picture, I decided to do a video critique on this song anyways off of the album, Coming to America: Immigrant Chronicles (2011). I chose this song specifically because of the lyrics. If you listen to the song you will automatically start bobbing your head to the beat and engage yourself in the lyrics. This song reminds me a lot of the Hip-Hop music I would listen to today which is why I also chose this song. M.anifest has a unique way of rhyming and his lyrics speak out on his own experiences. In this song alone he talks about how Tyler Perry should make a movie about his life (Motion Picture) because of how much he has gone through. He talks about growing up in Ghana and how the chances of making it out are slimmer than none. What I have grown to love about M.anifest is the simplicity of his music videos and the lyrics that speak for his people. You got to love it!

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