Tabi Bonney: Article Summary Washington City Paper “Lovejoy Park”

In the article it says that Tabi isn’t interested in impressing people with towers of alliteration or half-baked tales of struggle. Not is he interested in killing it lyrically or rhyming about killing. What Tabi does is keep things cool and electric with his homegrown twang and hipster swag. Tabi may have two sides-the Northeast native of his single “The Pocket” and the cosmopolitan “jet setter” persona he developed a couple yeasts later, have never felt like two different rappers just the same Tabi. The article also talks about his latest mixtape Lovejoy Park and how it didn’t capture the urgency that The Summer Year’s or Fresh which embraced his broader exposure over breezy electro-pop compositions. It was dedicated to the ladies and from outs cover art to playful anecdotes of romance gone awry. What Bonney was going for off the mixtape was that he loves women and sometimes they don’t love him back. Tabi is a great artist who I slowly rising up to fame. I just love what he spits out in track stacks and what he is trying to say. Not like most of the hip hop artists today who rap about smoking out, their cars, and/or bling. I believe that hip hop maybe dying and we need a spacious to keep it alive.

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