Ismael Sankara, 2C, Big Sow Artist Biography

Ismael was raised by his single mother in Miami. They came from former French colony, Burkina-Faso in West Africa. He went to Africa an accidental missed flight, in Libreville, Gabon.  This is where he had an accidental meeting in the back of a cab that led him to a studio to record with where he began to record T.R.O.M.LIFE. 

WATCH FULL DOCUMENTERY—> Ismael Sankara “The Rhythm of My Life” | Buni TV.

Ishmael Freestyle in Ivory Coast

 He began recording his first mixtape The Rythhm of My Life (T.R.O.MLIFE) with the two Gabonese beatmakers, Hokube and Mike Mef after an accidental meeting with Hokube. Once Mike Mef heard Ishmael rap for the first time he said that “…[honestly, I think and alchemy was born, this guy is really good]. 

Facebook Fan Page

Sankara’s tumblr

Sankara Twitter

2C whose name is Romeo Mulbah live in Atlanta, Georgia after relocating from Liberia in West Africa with his father and brother. He also is the 2009 and the 2010 Liberian Entertainment Award Winner of the Year in 2009 and 2010. 2C unique style blends his Liberian rhythms with American rhythms.

Watch 2c’s video for Fly Away

You can see many of 2c’s official videos on youtube and his song Warchild on BET

Curtis Sowah who goes by the name Big Sow has a mixtape In Due Time. Big Sow lives in the United States and is of Ghanian Decent. His current project is done almost entirely in English on In Due Time (2012) Mukwanga is the Motive is one of the two tracks where Big Sow showcases his multi-lingual skills and on both songs that he does so are body moving.  Sow is a versatile rapper

Big Sow tumblr

In Due Time Mixtape Download

Big Sow Face Book

Mukwanja is the Motive

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