Krukid: Video Review – Such a thing

In this song he touches bases with what is possible of himself. He starts the video with him staring at the sun which symbolizes the the universal dream of being free. He says in his opening verse that “why they still wonder where I brought all of my style from, we broke where I’m from, give me five dollars” represents his life, struggle, and hustle all within one sentence. This is one aspect of African poverty in which kids and adults are all affected by HIV or other diabolical diseases that hinder social status.

Uganda is where he is from and he represents it very well but it is clear to see that what he truly stands for is africa. In  the video is wearing a piece of clothing, a button up t shirt, that has noticeable African pattern. This pattern consists of simple shapes that are laid out in a way that show progression, one aspect of African unity and Independence from European modernization. This pattern like most utilizes the bright color teal juxtaposed with more muted tones such as brown or maroon or maybe even sometimes gold like leaf pattern. Kampala, in Uganda, is very widely known for its manufactured textiles and is one of the worlds mass producers of this wax print. Wax print means that a type of resin is used to transfer the design onto a piece of material which was exploited by European industrialization. Here Krukid rocks it well and he enjoys it.

Touching base on how aspects of social life he connects and compares the two aspects of wishing on shooting stars and how shooting stars on tv is just another “contradiction”. Much like in life such things are not focused on amongst of humanity. This is deeply tied to the ignorance of the United States of America, of whom not a big percentage focus too much on foreign relations and events but a more tied into the media and the way you should be seen by the media. This is the life that African’s see and look forward to when moving across the country but Krukid apparently shows that there is gonna be a balance within every struggle.

Grammar has been one of Krukid’s growing critiques but in this song the pigeon is not really too noticeable because he pronounces everything with good clarity. He also keeps a structured industrialized manufacturer in the background symbolizing the past hood of the scramble for africa and Europe’s race to grope some territory. “i aint hood or gangsta nah, I’m just a crazy kid out of East Africa”, here is attaches himself to his audience and family diving into the possible and knowing the limits of what is possible while keeping your head above the rest. He works with a collectivist nature and future is only another hustle for Krukid. This video is low budget, simple, honest, and straight to the point, big ups to Krukid.

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