K’Naan Article Summary: What It’s like in Somalia

In a  2009 interview with K’Naan entitled “What it’s like in Somalia,” K’Naan discusses the truth about Somalis and the outside  perceptions seen by Americans, specifically pirating and terrorism.

At the start of the interview, the interviewer at the time made a reference to Somalia kicking up dust and the US attempt to bombing Somalia. K’Naan then replied by saying it has always been in the spirit of the Somalis to be unstopped. He then continues by discussing the anti-colonial war in Somalia that lasted 22 years, the longest in Africa, against Great Britain, Italy and France, all of whom made an attempt to colonize Somalia. Great Britain, France and Italy eventually all gave up once realizing that the Somalis are not people that can be controlled. Because the Somali spirit is so prideful it does not respect authority other than the authority of oneself. This resulting in Somalia being the only country that lacks a central government for more than 20 years.

K’Naan also talks about how Somali Americans are being seen as terrorist and threats to America for going back to Somalia to fight. America attempts to paint the image that Somalis are going back to fight based on religion, when in fact Somali men have been called back to help defend their country against foreign businesses. The fear that America has about Somalis is that they might come  back to commit terrorist acts against America, when in fact Somalis are only looking to free their country against foreign policy.

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