Krukid’s Interview with AudioHype

In a brief and recent interview with Justin Boland, Krukid, who is known for self-expression through his songwriting, reflects on striving far but also knowing the limits to each possibility. He explains, “No one has the same resources and some artists just have to take more responsibility than others.” Because no one person can do everything alone, an assembly team may be necessary and able to provide the resources that aren’t accessible to the seeker. With this, he sheds light on his own body of support, “a team of multi-talented musicians who bounce back and forth between creative and business aspects.” When asked what kinds of tools he’s used to keep his career organized, he again makes reference to his personal team. Because of his “messy creative” personality type, he finds that his team must occasionally help him pull his own weight.

On his advice that he’d give aspiring hip hop artists, he simply states, “Love this or finish school and get a job.” As a word of caution, he adds that the pursuit of doing music must be as if there is no backup plan involved. But not only is his message directed to the aspiring audience but essentially the entire world. He advises to “learn your lane” because nothing will work the same for any two individuals.

And finally, following the end of his lifelong career, Krukid plans on having a family, getting involved in some movies, theatre and community work, and assisting the next incredible artists in his/her career.  Krukid’s message is empowering and inspiring, urging all the world to follow their dreams.

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