Museum Uproar

In an industry where fame can get any artist in the news while doing the slightest of illegal thing, Wanlov makes headlines while he spoke on the response to the Ghanaian government. The incident occurred while Wanlov was attending a charity concert in which he performed and participated with the cleaning and revamping of a museum which was flooded. Kubolor said in an interview “It is the responsibility of the government to keep a museum like the one professor John Collins is keeping.” In other words it is their responsibility with to deal with the upkeep of the museum in which the failed to do. He went on to say “They needed to support the old professor to protect the history of Ghanaian music and arts. Besides the comments made about the government pertaining to the museum, Kubolor went on to promote Ghanaians as unique individuals and people from all over can relate to their music because of the things they say. Wanlov went on to perform that evening and later promoted the rest of his coastal tour and northern half of the country tour.


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