2c Liberian Girl Video Review



2c’s video for Liberian Girl is available on Liberian MusicTv. Its blunt and to the point video with no unnecessary flash. 2C uses real footage of preteen child soldiers called “small-soldiers”  from the war. Although he illustrating the cruel circumstances from which he came from, this video is not a sad. It is a salute to Liberia and Liberian all over the world as he says.

The chorus Liberia rise, Liberia rise, Liberia rise…No more struggle, no more pain” with every  2c in some gritty city street that could be anywhere. You can’t tell whether he’s in Liberia or the U.S. but his video is a salute to Liberia and all of its people.  He starts with a shout out to his home’s first female President Ellen John Sirleaf and all of its people. This video is where he tells his story of leaving his county of exile during the Liberian Civil War and getting to where his is today, here in America.

2C’s style is unique in that I could not compare him to anyone else. However I could see people wanting to emulate his style and music. You can view the video for Liberian Girl below. 2C was also the winner of  the Liberian Entertainment Awards and  he won the Liberian Image Award for Hip Hop and R&B for the video Liberian Girl.


 Liberian Girl 




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