Video Critique: M.anifest “Coming to America”

After watching the music video Coming to American by artist M.anifest I can say that I enjoyed the video a lot. I really loved how he opened the video with a still photographs telling a story. First theres a plane flying then there are pictures of things in America like cities, fireworks, neighborhoods and waterfalls. The pictures were vivid and beautiful and he depicted America in a nice way.

Most of the video is the artist standing and talking about his perception of America when it comes to his people, hes also looking out with a blanks stare and hes going through the city, on the train, going to different places in America or a typical day in his life here in America. Throught the video he still references his African roots. He’s talking about all of the negative things that can happen in America. Throughout the video he’s looking around at his surroundings as if he’s lost and perplexed. The video completely depicted how he views America. Overall I think it was an alright music video.

Link to video:

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