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Krukid is an up and coming African hip hop artist from Uganda who’s love for his country is noticed through his expression of self. In a recent interview with Justin Boland, he encourages not just his audience but everyone in world to strive for you dreams but also to know the limits to each possibility. Although he is a solo artist he works with a team of musicians, artists, developers, and engineers, while at the same time balancing a love for art and graphic design.

Krukid reflected on the evolution of his music and the inspiration through American hip hop and the sparsity of hip hop culture in his native town. Inspiration sprung through the effect of european modernization and the hunger for something more. Tupac, BIgE, and Jay-Z were all primary heroes and were what kept him ambitious and aggressive towards his passion. In his first two albums he spoke a lot about his homeland and where he came from and the typical struggles of African life from poverty, turmoil, and freedom. Now he speaks about aspects of human life and to speak about things that he said will “make ME proud”.

With amazing lyrics and full throttle content under his hood he pushes not only Africa to stand up and be productive but all the world to find a niche and do it to its very extent till “you’re broke, alone, wrought with self loathing and suicidal.” Krukid’s message is one of balance and motion, something everyone should strive for in pursuing their dreams.

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