DMV Life Article Review


Earlier this year AllHipHop.Com held an interview with Tabi Bonney (link below) and illuminated a different side of him that is not apparent in his lyrics and music. In an interview with, he expresses and explains topics such as his background, his prestigious academia, and his rap game; with its roots in Africa but its stylistic trends that dwell in “The District.”
Contrary to most of his music, Tabi Bonney explains his background in this article to a higher degree. Most don’t know when any rapper has a solid educational background; the same can be said for Bonney. He shares with that he has his Master’s degree in Biology and explains how and why that accolade has aided him in his music career. He tells the interview that he feels as though going to school and attaining higher education has helped him with his music, not as far as his lyrics go, but as far as always remaining disciplined and steadfast with his work. Even further on the Education front, reveals that he also used to be a high school teacher at an inner city school. He describes the time in which his former students found out that he was indeed a rap star. “Yeah, they actually found out that I rapped and actually did a write-up on me in the school paper. They just came at me to battle me! (Laughter) I don’t know. It was just weird because my age from them wasn’t that different. I was maybe three years older than most of my students, because I taught as soon as I graduated college. And then, I was in an inner city school so I had some 19- and 20-year-olds in the classroom”
The DC based, Lome, Togo born rap star goes on to tell the interview about collaborations and his working with hip-hop major producer Dame Dash. You definitely get a different side of Tabi Bonney from this article. It sheds light on who he is as a person and what his motives are in the rap industry.

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