African Rapper Krukid – article review

African Hip Hop Rap artist Krukid is creating a major buzz in the United States, and the article on explains how he is doing this fairly well.

Before I even read the article I had listened to only one of Krukid’s albums,” A raisin in the sun”, which was given to me by a college professor of mines, Dr. Clark. I had not even heard of Krukid before I was given that cd, and I must say that I was very impressed. 

The article about Krukid touches on his personal and family history while talking more about his music career, and how it has developed since leaving Uganda for the States. Krukid is very socially conscious in his songs but also has a commercial feel to it, which in my opnion is a good thing since the commercial music is more appealing to the masses and if he can slip some socially conscious topics in, its always a positive. 

The article follows Krukid and the artists he has worked with from Africa to Illinois, which is his home in the states. They mention the social topics he writes about  from money, violence, sex, diseases and more.

I think wrote a very interesting article about Krukid and it is one that should get anyone who reads it  interested in him, if they weren’t before.

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