Video Review- K’naan “Wavin’ Flag”


K’naan did a live performance of ‘Waving Flag’ off his LP ‘Troubadour’ and immediately when I heard his voice and his message/lyrics, “When I get older I will be stronger they’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag” I could tell he is an amazing artist. “Wavin’ Flag” was chosen as Coca-Cola’s promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The video gave me a chance to witness k’naan perform on a live set with an acoustic feel. You can tell that the song he is performing is not only just a song it’s a message that he want’s people to hear. K’naan being Somali born gives justification on why his emotions are so strong when he sings. He is very energetic when he performs, filled with emotion, I can tell that he means what he sings. This video is unique because it gives us a different vibe of the artist, a mellow passionate vibe.

This video was uploaded by QTV on youtube, the video has 13,138,457 views with a lot of positive response. LINK TO VIDEO

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