Video critique: M.anifest “Suffer”

After watching the music video Suffer by artist M.anifest, Ghana native, I took away a lot of good aspects from the video. My perception of the video was that he’s really in touch with his roots. The video takes place in a semi-impoveraged neighborhood in Africa.

The artist walks through the neighborhood explaining trauma and telling stories about growing up in such a place but ironically all with a smile on his face. It’s almost as if he’s happy or proud with his struggle as if it’s helped make him the person he is today. In my opinion beauty is depicted in the video a lot. The beautiful things that are shown are the playing of instruments, children happy, playing and dancing and beautiful scenery such as the sky setting. As he rode through his neighborhood he looked out at really green trees smiling as if he was at peace.

The video ended on a happy note with him and a group of his friends smiling. He didn’t portray that there was much suffering as much as he talked about it in the song. Most of the scenes he was smiling or something was happy. I saw it as he purposely showed the opposite of “suffering” in the video.

Link to video:

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