Tabi Bonney Album Review: A Fly Guy’s Theme

In Tabi Bonney’s album A Fly Guy’s Theme he doesn’t use a language other than English. His lyrics in this album doesn’t talk about his immigration experiences. Although on the song “Top” he does talk about how he came to be a rapper. For imstance he says that “it all started with a dream, fresh up on the scene.” He also says how he dropped out of school. He didn’t talk much about about African immigration. He didn’t represent his country in the album. But in the song “Beat Rock” he says he’s from D.C. (Washington D.C.) he may be African but he was raised here, he was just born in Lome, Togo. Bonney didn’t cover any social or political topics in the album. The intended audience I believe is people who love listening to hip-hop. He didn’t talk much at all about African Americans. I really liked the album it had good beats and lyrics. If I could dance I would make up a dance for every song. The songs on the albums are very catchy and I would listen to every song on repeat if I could.

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