Wanlov The Kubolor

Wanlov did a online interview with Ganacelebrities.com, and it was during this interview that he was on tour in London doing a show. In the interview they mostly talked about how he got his first big break in Los Angeles, CA where he had his song play on the radio called afrodicia radio, and that being how gyedu-blay ambolley heard him went to his show resulting in him getting hooked up with a deal. They also talked about the different types of artist that he grew up on, and how that energy of music inspired him to want to become a part of music. And the types of artist that he admirs presently.

He also recently performed at an event with Elliot House at the Adisadel College, he also reminisced about about actually attending the school himself and shared how he studied in math, computer science, and business administrative, but becuase he felt to close to music he dropped out to fullfill his true dream of becoming a artist. He shared that his music appears to be somewhat simple but he wanted to have something that the people can relate better to. They also discussed his album greencard and how he relates being that was apart of his country of the people. 

The link for the full interview



Video Critique: Wanlov the Kubolor in Human Being (Just Like You)

In this video posted by BBCafrica it shows Wanlov performing his song Human Being from his album Greencard with artist M3nsa and Alex Hunter on guitar. The video physically is a simple one, just showing them three playing the instrument just letting the lyrics express the whole video. The song itself i think represent Africa and its people, and how that we are all the same and that we should help out each other and unite, and also the turmoil of Africa in itself. Very influential song I believe.

Here is the link for the video






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