Article Review on Interview: Blitz the Ambassador

In Blitz the Ambassador’s interview in 2007 with GOTV about his new album “Suicide Stereotype” touches on a few topics that some may find controversial. Blitz was first asked about how hip hop has influenced Ghana. He responded by saying that hip hop runs deep in Ghana, you’ll see kids wearing jackets in 90 degree weather. By saying this he means that everyone wanted to be a part of the hip hop movement.

He states that one of the hardest thing for the people in Ghana was understanding what was being said, he said he was fortunate to have the ear to decypher what was being said in the songs. He started by putting his name on other people’s songs because other people in Ghana hadn’t heard the records. This is how he started but then felt the need to be original and do his own thing.

The interviewer then talks about how many rappers such as Kanye West and Busta Rhymes are conscious of the situation and have made it mainstream. Blitz says he is all about portraying a message and he is willing to take the steps to be heard. He just wants to write his music to see who likes it and who is listening to the messages he is trying to give. He doesn’t want to be mainstream if it means losing the message and the culture that he represents.

He is then askedImage about the cover for his new album which is shown here. He says that once you start to get “suited up” and get out of the context you start to kill hip hop and it’s meaning. He says that once you start playing to an audience that isn’t for you, you start giving up a piece of yourself. This album cover explains what Blitz fights for and what he raps about. He wants to keep the hip hop culture alive and not lose the context behind it. Once that is done, hip hop starts to kill itself.

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