Blitz The Ambassador-Brooklyn Hip Hop Music Festival 2008

In Blitz The Ambassador’s 2008 interview with TMNtv at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Music Festival, Blitz speaks on the expansion of hip hop, what hip hop means to him, who he looks up to in Hip Hop and lastly, where he plans to go in the Hip Hop sector.

Blitz responds to a question of how he felt about people suggesting that the South had taken over hip hop and how he feels Brooklyn can be put “back on the map”, Blitz lets it be known that he doesn’t have a problem with hip hop being about to expand in other areas. Although, Brooklyn is seen to many as the birth place of Hip Hop, Blitz understands that the movement of Hip Hop is so much more powerful as it moves and that Brooklyn, New York should not be seen as the only place that hip can develop ; in other words, although hip hop was born in Brooklyn ,New York, it isn’t fair to say that it must stay there.

Blitz also elaborates on the authenticity that Brooklyn provides hip hop with and how that certain authenticity has rubbed off on him as an artist.

Brooklyn rappers are often known for their lyrical content and Blitz definitely makes that be known as he talks about how a beat is nothing, but the lyrical content of an artist is everything; because, the lyrics make hip hop and make the songs live.

Blitz reveals that he looks up to many different artists including, Mos Def, Talib and ACDC. All of these artist to him are artist that aren’t afraid to say what they feel  and those are the type of artist that Blitz has developed a profound respect for.

Selling records is a good thing of course for any rapper, but Blitz tell TMNtv that selling records is not what is important but instead, being able to stand for something more than a brand and touch others to do the same.

In conclusion, Blitz is determined to bring nothing but honesty to hip hop and on is records. He is most definitely a concerned artist when it comes to hip hop and keeping it authentic and real.

Author: menaylove

20 year old college student.

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