I found a Washington Post internet article written by Chris Richards; the date of the post was June 16, but no year was indicated. The article was titled, “Tabi Bonney’s hip-hop stems from his father’s musical influence”, but I sensed from the beginning of the article that I would be disappointed with its content. The article implies it provides information on how his father, who was a popular musician in Togo, influenced his music, but instead the focus is on the emotional relationship Tabi has with his father. Richards describes how Tabi is basically very shy and leaned on his father for advice; when he began to get alot of unwanted attention. The article quotes him saying, “Daddy people are rushing me. What should I do?” Tabi is presented as weak and totally dependent on his dad. The article seems to minimize how popular Tabi is and says he’s “thrived in blogland and landed videos on MTV”, but does not mention the influential music he has produced. Then the article talks about how Tabi’s father was a big star in Togo, until writing a song that criticized the government. The article is not consistent with its title, and says nothing about how Tabi’s father influenced his music. The Washington Post writer presents a soft view of Tabi’s household, and in the closing paragraph summarizes their description of Tabi as, “…a shy kid who stayed out of trouble”. The article left me wondering how Tabi’s father influenced his music. This was a very shallow and uninformative article.

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