Article Review: Tabi Bonney

Image McGee of releases an interview with the Togo-born but D.C.-based rapper Tabi Bonney. McGee discussed with Tabi Bonney some of the most unexpected and arbitrary questions that tells us a lot about Tabi’s experience and inspiration.

We can learn from this article that Tabi Bonney is constantly moving — in terms of what he wants to do in life. From his own clothing line, to having a Master’s degree in Biology. His fortunate reason for the fast-paced change of hobby and environment is the fact that he gets “bored with things extremely fast”. He also declares that he has never been the type of well-known artists who takes advantage of things such as drugs in order to gain that “adrenaline rush”. For Tabi, the only way out is to constantly pick out new subjects to learn.

Tabi Bonney explains that the reason for his active lifestyle is the fact that as a kid, they moved from one country to another; however, it served way more than that. Traveling is his source of inspiration, which allowed him to write songs and become the confident aspiring artist that he now is. It allowed him to clarify that any person can follow their own choice of pathway, in regards of “express[ing] [oneself] truly.”

Twilight Saga theme song artist Lykke Li is one of Tabi Bonney’s favorites. I find this extremely interesting due to the fact that both artists have very distinctive genre of expertise. As a rapper, being fond of Lykke Li’s electronic and indie rock-based music is very unlikely; however, Tabi Bonney prefers his one-of-a-kind music choice. This does not only show how traveling has affected Tabi’s open-ears for music, but also allows us to see that he is a real artist who looks beyond what’s currently “hot” in the streets.

In terms of when, where, or why Tabi prefers to write music, he has many sources of inspiration. McGee qestions him about writing music, and where he inclines to create new songs, and Tabi confirms that he attempts really hard to do it while being on the road due to the fact that nowadays, coming up with new music constantly is one of the keys to being “out there.” In addition, we can also learn from this interview that the way he makes music is by the beat — he tries to adapt to the sound and incorporate lyrics along with it.

He shares with us that the first time he realized he wanted to pursue an expertise in music was when he was a child listening to Salt-n-Pepa, which explains why he’s become the artist that he is: epic!

Author: ernestinelou

"A girl who, if I say something dumb for a laugh, is willing to say something two or three times as dumb to make me laugh, but who also gets weird and wise sometimes in a way I could never be. A girl who reads books that no one’s assigned to her." - Childish Gambino

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