Wanlov’s Debut

Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu a.k.a. Wanlov the Kubolor born Romanian raised Ghanaian, sings the words of the people of his country Ghana in his first studio album released in 2007, Green Card. Wanlov’s use of language consist of a really thick accent that derives from his homeland. Green Card is a basic studio album with the subject of emigration. One of his tracks title, Human Being, he speaks of child trafficking, going to war, and being a depiction of his country. Wanlov the Kubolor is not the typical African American Hip hop artist that comes out, his talent is widely appreciated.

Including being nominated for this album three times, Wanlov is a free spirit. He talks about what he sees and he act out how he wants. The Kubolor has been in the news numerous times over several different topics and not all respectable and moral to the “American way”. He also features several other African American artists on his album such as M.anifest, Anjolee, M.O.A., M3NSA, and many more supporting them and the way they talk about their homeland Just like him.

Wanlov’s widely much-admired flexibility is heard on his debut album Green Card. Upon his arrival to Ghana after a 7-year vacation in the States, Wanlov recorded this album about his country in retrospect of other artist. Being nominated at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards for “Discovery of The Year”, “Record of The Year”, “Video of The Year” & “Hip Hop Song of The Year”, shows that Kubolor’s influence has made a resilient imprint on his people. Already being mentioned to as a classic in less than a year since its publication, Kubolor’s introduction album, “Green Card”, went on to seize the hearts and minds of the people the world. Residing now in Los Angeles Wanlov awaits his next reappearance.

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