Article Blitz The Ambassador

According to an interview on May 2011 by Complex, “Blitz The Ambassador Talks About HIs Short Film “Native Sun” And Dictator Fashion Faux Pas”. Blitz explains how he discovered his love for Hip Hop music. In Accra, music is a part of their culture, it is played at many different types of gatherings like puberty rites, marriage and name ceremonies. Blitz interest for Hip Hop really began with his older brother playing tapes of artist like Rakim, KRS-One and Public Enemy. This contributed to Blitz’s decision to be a part of a historical genre of music, Hip Hop.

After a self epiphany Blitz realized that being his self is more beneficial than trying to fit in American society. His personal experience as an African moving to the United States was expressed through his album Native Sun. The blend of both worlds in Blitz album sparked his interest to make a short film. It showed Americans the combination of both African roots and his American lifestyle through a graphic context. Blitz states that listening to Native Sun and watching the visuals included is one of those “experiences that is both future and ancient”.

In Blitz’s opinion the worst fashion faux pas made by the most famous dictators would be: Muammar Gaddafi in Lybia, he stole a lot of money from the people and still didn’t have a sense of fashion and President Mobuto of Zaire, he did cruel things to the people while wearing a leopard skin. On the other hand, Blitz The Ambassador explains his new vision for Africa. He points out the difficulty for the African film industry to grow and expand because bootlegging is accepted in Africa. Blitz desires for things to improve in the film industry so that it can thrive. He believes that the new vision for Africa should be focused on an “Africa that defines itself and takes control of their image globally”.


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