1st Album Review

K’naan’s first album was an amazing album, great mixture of songs. In many of his songs he seems to talk in another language. i dont really  understand it but he incorporates it well with his english in the rest of the song.  in his lyrics K’naan expresses his emotions and how it was when he was younger and migrated.  he talks about being an immmigrant telling not just his story but all of his people’s story. K’naan mentions how African immigration is hard and how as a group arent respected. also that it’s a huge obstacle and that they never forget their people from Somalia. He respects his African culture. You can tell and feel his emotions within the lyrics. he calls himself the voice of his people.towards the end of the song “wash it down” says that his people “die for water, live for water, and die for water.” when saying this he causes the listener to react and realize that water is something they dont take for granted one bit. He talks about his old home and childhood in “my old home” and mentions their old way of living and how they didnt know they were poor . he has so much love for his country. he represents it with class. some of the topics he covers are the government’s views and war and how they can kill people and not care about it. he talks about the social classes and how he never felt that he was poor. but according to the U.S. government he is poor. his audience is younger generations, the ones who listen to hip hop and reggae.  his type of music is hip hop and rap in a way, the majority of the people that listen to that are teens and young adults. throughout all of his album he talks about african americans and his cultures.

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