Sena Dagadu

Born in Accra, Ghana to a Hungarian mother and Ghanaian father, Sena experienced a wide range of musical influences from a very young age. Her musical style is unique and appeals far beyond the typical reach of hip hop. Especially with her infusions of jazz, funk, traditional drums and all kinds of electronic sounds she appeals to the multiple layers of hip hop as well as its history.   Singing, raping in multiple languages also shows her diversity and ability with songs like “Fists.” She draws attention to to the socially conscious and calls on all of us to open our eyes and awaken to the issues and struggles around us as well as the corruption of our leaders who claim false democracy in songs like “Politician.” She calls for unity in action against oppression and uses her ultra smooth jazz hip hop as well as her vocal and lyrical talents to do just that.

“New Morning”

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