Blitz Bazawule- Lyrical Activist, Lyrical Ambassador

This article is about Blitz Bazawule, a hip hop artist from Ghana, who is known both in Africa and the United States for being lyrically gifted and for calling attention to eye opening issues.  The author of the article, Shirlene Alusa- Brown, decribes Blitz Bazawule as being a humble artist who focuses more on the purpose of his music, rather than become a celebrity.  This article talks about Bazawule’s next project coming out which is an album and film both called, “Native Sun.”  When he was asked why he would do this duo project by the same name he said that the album was out of the norm and he wanted to provide something visual so his fans could see the intentions of his words.  Blitz Bazawule credits his teacher’s in Ghana for developing his talent in storytelling, because on days when they had to leave class they would leave him in front of the class to tell stories in order to keep the children entertained.

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