The Base

After apartheid, the youth of South Africa inherited many struggles including racism and racial segregation. The desire to overcome this injustice led to a music revolution. Ideals of peace, love, and understanding became the basis of the music.

Before the 1970s and the early 1980s, there was an international boycott against South Africa. There were many murders and police raids. Any form of objection to the political system would get you life in prison. Everything was strictly censored and any political content found would be banned.

Rap started in the ghettos and suburb housing of Cape Town. It was called the coloured or mixed race community. Hip Hop expanded through the promoting of live music in the city center, The Base. Every Saturday afternoon lots of rap groups would gather and practice and perform to crowds of people. Anthems such as Fuck tha Police and party for your right to fight evolved.

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