More On South African Hip Hop History

According to an article that was on, South African Hip Hop can be traced further back to the 1800s. According to the site, many South African Hip Hop artists were influenced by bebop. Also during the 1800s many people started to migrate to Johannesburg and the city became widely diverse with many different tribes.

The article agrees that Hip Hop during that time was a way for the youth to speak out about segregation and racism. It also explained that Hip Hop music is about the “ghetto life.” The must may be about violence and crime but that’s because the youth were brought up and raised in this type of environment.

The article also discusses that South African music is not only influence by American Hip Hop but it is also influence by Caribbean music as well. Lastly, the article states that Hip Hop is not just music but it is a culture. It has its only dancing styles, such as breaking dancing.

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