South African Hip Hop Today…

Hip Hop in South Africa today faces many problems such as reaching a larger audience, rapping in only English or different South African languages, and being influenced by American Hip Hop too much.

The internet has really helped South African Hip Hop by allowing different artists to reach different audiences. Artists can not post their music on the internet and reach people from all over the world. Although most people in South Africa don’t have access to the internet, globally and internationally they can reach a wider audience. Locally, some corporations are starting to use hip hop in their advertisements.

Also, cell phones are helping artist reach their target market. According to the article 41% of adults have a cell phone and cell phone companies now allow users to download music.

However, it is still hard for artist to get air play on the radio, especially outside of Johannesburg. El Nino believes it is because the rappers don’t sound American. Although, America does have a very big influence of South African Rap today, most rap stars are popular today only because they sound and draw heavily from American rap.

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