Nelson Mandela’s Influence on South African Hip Hop

The earliest hip hop artist in South Africa was Prophets of Da City. Most people remember them performing at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994. The song performed is called “Excellent, the first black President.” Prior to this most South Africans never heard of hip hop. Before this, hip hop was mostly underground and the people.

Next, the South African Music Awards added a new category for an award called best rap. Shortly after this, TV shows involving hip hop started to come out. Most rappers during that time and now rap in English and a combination of other native languages and slang.

The article also draws the line of how Kwaito is different from Hip Hop. Most Kwaito music has artists who use fake American accents and try to imitate Jay Z or Tupac. Also, Kwaito doesn’t include politics. Most of the music is about making money, cars, and clothes. The author considers Kwaito to be more similar to American hip hop and South African hip hop to be completely different.

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