More Hip-Hop In Uganda

Making A name for a name for himself repping east-Africa  to the fullest is a hot young artist by the name of krukid. started his career early in the rap game as member of  one of Uganda pioneer  first rap groups called “Urban Life Crew”, after going big in Uganda, wanting to gain a bigger audience Krukid relocates to the United States. Once in the U.S., Krukid Gets  the attention of  the record labels and soon signs with Rawkus Records, home to some major artist like Talib Kawli, and Common. However, Not only  the record label lovin Krukid, His music has been in  some of the major hip-hop magazine like XXl and the Source , which basically proves  the   U.S. fans notice him. His style is most-Def. not like  you average African hip-hop artist that you would expect with a strong accent that make it hard to understand what they ‘re saying. This guy got real skill, spitting that real conscious music of  uplifting one self  and chasing yo dreams, with a slick smart witty flow to make you think. Like i said, at least to me,  the boy sick, and his music sounds almost pure and original with a hint of   African American hip-hop influence. In all, since i my self am a African American artist from the U.S. im not saying this guy could see me on the track, but his style is deeply rooted in representing Africa,  just from a American stand point at the  moment. But , over all the i think the boy  flow is niceee…. you be the judge.. Hip Hop in Uganda.

Author: avm43

Up in coming hip-hop artist from the West coast....particularly Los-Angeles,CA....dropping that truth..and science on the world..RIP Bob Marley & MJ

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