The Effects Of Hip-Hop In Uganda…Bless

While Studying the effects Hip-Hop in Uganda I was able to stumble across many up and coming artist in this country going hard with their deep lyrics, and expressive rhyming skills. With a variety of different artist to present, one group of  artist in particular caught my attention. They’re name is Babaluku, unlike most rappers, their lyrics are original, they spits about the things that going on in his country, from poverty, to crooked government schemes, and the effect it has on his people. Rapping in English and their native Ugandan tongue, Babaluku’s style of music is very passionate but uprising at the same time. Its encompasses all the most up two date slang and terms that only a Ugandan would know, in order to let his people know he is definitely a voice for them in this hip hop game.

However, not only does Babaluku rap and utilizes their craft to speak for their people, they also has targeted their abilities toward the lost youth in their country. Traveling back and forth from the US to Africa and performing they have been able two create programs where they live in Uganda, that inspire some of the younger youth from harsh backgrounds, that want to make a change in their every days life as a mentor, teaching music and the art of emcing.  These MC’s are definitely taken Hip-Hop to new height, and going hard in the paint, not just for Uganda, but all of mother Africa.  Bless

President Yoweri Museveni and the African Roots of Hip Hop: You want another Rap?

LOL. i love Hip-Hop… With the 2011 election in Uganda right around the corner Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, is being called the rapping president. I know it sounds strange right? Well while speaking at some conference in front of a large audience the presidents starts “kicking a flow” about an old story that has a lot of history and familiarity in Ugandan people; this is Hip-Hop in Uganda.

Diamonds in the Rough” more info on the Documentary about Hip-Hop in Uganda and how it is being used as voice of the people and a  tool for revolution.

Author: avm43

Up in coming hip-hop artist from the West coast....particularly Los-Angeles,CA....dropping that truth..and science on the world..RIP Bob Marley & MJ

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