The Commercialization of South African Hip Hop

The article begins discussing how Kwaito is not just music, but a culture as well. Kwaito is a form of identity for the youth of South Africa. It is practically a street culture. Kwaito heavily shapes the lives of the youth in South Africa. For example, the article talks about converse shoes and how they have become a form of identity. The culture includes a different hip hop style of clothing, slang, and music. The television show, Yizo Yizo, allegedly portrays that culture.

The music is also the youth’s expression. After the apartied, the music stayed focused on politic for a while. However, recently it has shifted from political expression. Many people feel like the music has lost its realness. Much of the current music is filled with rhymes about sex, violence, and/ or money. Although a lot of Kwaito is now commercialized and used for profit, there are still local artists who have not changed with the new wave.

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