South African Hip Hop Gone Wrong!!!!!

Wow…Ok, I found this guy Die Antwoord when I was looking for South African Hip Hop Artists. Honestly, I had passed over his name quite a few times because of his ethnicity. He seems to be very popular and his name and videos are everywhere. I understand people have other cultures and ideas but this guy is super wack and disgusting. I don’t think he even knows what he is rapping about other than sex. He makes no sense. The girl is just as bad.

Also in this video, I was very surprised and shocked to hear and see such bad language and sexual scenes. I guess South African doesn’t have many regulations. I understand that South African hip hop music is becoming more commercialized but this is crazy. I can’t believe he is swinging his stuff around like that. I think he is trying too hard to get attention or something.

Lastly, I don’t understand why the black girls had their hair like that. I don’t think that has anything to do with South African culture.

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